• to gather written and multimedia resources addressing Aboriginal child welfare and relevant health and wellness, particularly as it refers to the Sixties Scoop era.
  • to provide consulting services regarding health and wellness.
  • to organize and host Gatherings and other similar type sessions relating to Aboriginal child welfare, particularly as it applies to the 1960s and 1970s.

The goals…

  • To learn the stories of Aboriginal people served by the child welfare systems of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • To explore and identify the connections between the worldviews and beliefs of service providers that contributed to the ongoing oppression of Aboriginal children.
  • To develop a model for addressing and reconciling these experiences in a variety of contexts to promote healing and planning for the future of Aboriginal childcare.

The process…

  • The community comes together to share stories and to bring childhood experiences into the present – to give the child in each of us an opportunity to have a voice – to be heard and to have those feelings and experiences honoured.
  • The service providers will be given the opportunity to share their stories, experiences. beliefs and worldviews that led to the development of adoption and foster placement.
  • The Elders will share traditional experiences and wisdom of childcare.
  • Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal caregivers and service providers will work together to achieve a new understanding of childcare that will stop, forever, the repetition of damaging practices of care.